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Everyone Wants the Sensational Military Flashlight that Will Be Banned

With less and less reassuring news coming every day: such as assaults, robberies, etc. The issue of personal safety has become increasingly important, and we are sure that this is also applied to you.
That is why we have decided to talk about something simple and safe, but at the same time bright, that will help you protect yourself, your family and your property, but these things could change…

A tactical flashlight? Better to ban it!


Everyone tries to defend themselves the best as they can, but often the best solutions are even more unusual, such as a military tactical flashlight: a tool that in addition to being extremely useful for different activities, it can become an extraordinary instrument of defense.

Could such a powerful flashlight be really dangerous? Can it be damaged if it used to hit other people?

These and others are the questions that some people wish that the sale of the Lumify X9 flashlight was banned, and it was assigned it only for military use.

What seems certain is that these bad feelings are doing nothing but increasing the people’s interest, and especially now:

• At the present, it is (not known for how long) for sale in our country

• Currently, it can be bought thanks to a promotion with an exceptional discount of 75% which expires on Saturday.

• Due to the high number of orders, existing stocks are rapidly running out and at the moment the company only covers the first 100 orders each day.

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The benefits of an electric flashlight.

flashlight-300Just look around and see how the LEDs are already coming everywhere, and even more powerful, such as those used in electric flashlights, as the Lumify X9 that although extremely compact, it is able to trigger a really incredible light output: a beam of light so intense that it can dazzle and disorient an attacker.

Do you know when you take a photo with the flash in the dark?

Now think about a light at least 300 times more intense that hits you directly in the eye and it could not help but by being disoriented for several seconds, these will become valuable to get you out of trouble. Before you can see again after having you blinded with a flash in the dark, you will need at least 30 seconds: Try to imagine a light output 300 times greater.

So even if you are not equipped with weapons, you can increase your safety and the one of your beloved ones.

The aluminum construction makes it extremely strong, as strong as you can see it in the video here, it is able to resist all kinds of abuse. It cannot be removed even with moisture and water, because it is designed to resist even this.

A 75% discount which will not last long

If we are looking for a high quality military tactical flashlight, you can spend about 150€. Thanks to the today’s special offer you can buy it in our country for only 29 € with free shipping, and you will also receive a complimentary military briefcase to store it, when it is not in use

Lumify X9 Video

Discover the offer and watch the video


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